About Us

IslandWear Fashion is a Drop-shipping Store,founded by Alecia Smith. Alecia was born and raised in one of the most beautiful Caribbean Islands - Jamaica. She wanted to create a way to operate a business that not only allows her to live a life filled with "Ultimate Freedom" - free from the restraints of an "Office" but is also 100% online operated. 

Her second most desire in this world other than being the BEST at whatever tasks she takes on, is to be able to travel and see the world for what it has to offer. Her desire to see the greatest mountain top views, swim amongst the most revered sea creatures, eat cuisines from all over the world, sleep in the most awe inspiring resorts is insatiable. 

One word to describe her - LIMITLESS. 

We hope you our shoppers also feels LIMITLESS when you wear our clothing and everyday you experience a, as quoted by Kris Jenner "You're doing Amazing Sweetie" moment. 

We look forward to you enjoying our store.

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